Meet Brandon Hutchins

Virginia Beach City Council

Candidate – At Large Seat


Brandon Hutchins, candidate for Virginia Beach city council. Father, husband, Navy Veteran, healthcare worker, coach, and servant leader.

With over 20 years of experience in healthcare, my focus is helping and caring for others. My experience in the military defined my belief that we are stronger as a cohesive unit. My interest in seeing everyone succeed and hearing all voices drives me towards civic engagement.

Currently, the only person on city council with military experience is Mayor Dyer. Virginia Beach is home to over 57,000 Veterans. These Veterans also have families, local interests, and deserve to have one of their own representing them on city council.

As a local small business owner and board member on the Virginia Beach Community Development Corporation, I am dialed in to the issues faced by our citizens. The community deserves a councilman who is one with the people. Not just someone who makes decisions on behalf of the people.

Virginia Beach has been on the same hamster wheel of electing the same officials over and over with the same result. The citizens deserve someone who is going to cut through the division and hear all voices from all backgrounds, all beliefs, and all socioeconomic statuses. We need someone focused on the growth and future of Virginia Beach.

Now is the time to embrace change. Now is the time to elect Brandon Hutchins. B4VB